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New Year, New Hangtime!

Think you’ve seen it all from Hangtime? NOPE! We’ve got new stuff for you. We’re bringing you an even better way to control the vibe and play your way on Hangtime.

Here's what's new:

Remote Control: Control the vibe of your Private Hang by changing the channel whenever you want.

Channel Guide: See what’s playing and know when to tune in.

Digital Living Room: Easier navigation and new look to make hanging with your friends even better.

Enter a Featured Hang to meet new members of the community and play games in a large group. Ooooooor start up a Private Hang of just you and your crew to play the way YOU want!

If you wanna see what we have goin’ in the main channels, just jump into a Featured Hang you think sounds cool. Wanna choose what to watch whenever you want? That’s where your Private Hang comes in - just make sure you’re tuned into the right channel come gametime!

We hope you dig it as much as we do.

Let’s Hangtime!

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