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PFL Live - A Hangtime Experience

If you already love Hangtime, you're in luck. And if you love MMA - even better! We have another way for you to play games and earn prizes with friends.

Hangtime has built another app: “PFL Live: A Hangtime Experience" in partnership with PFL, “Professional Fighter’s League." Watch the most exciting MMA matches and win prizes by playing games with your friends and other MMA fans in real-time. You'll even find some of your favorite Hangtime characters there like Steeve and DJChuck!

Over the last few days, we've been featuring replays of some great PFL MMA events along with trivia games! Tonight, Friday October 5th, we'll have the first LIVE PFL event: PFL 8! Steeve will start the party at 7:00pm ET with the official event streaming at 7:15pm ET. You can see all quarter and semi final games right in the app! We will have an English and Spanish language stream. There will also be some trivia questions during each fight. Test your MMA knowledge and try to predict who will win, when, and how. These questions will repeat each round and have different point values, but all include individual prize pots!

Winning rules are same as in Hangtime including Gold and Silver bonus points. All prize pots total to 1 MILLION POINTS, so get your game on! And guess what? Points earned in PFL - Live transfer to Hangtime and vice versa. Yes - your points accumulate between Hangtime and PFL Live and you can use them in BOTH STORES. That's some serious dough!

You can download “PFL Live - A Hangtime Experience” for Apple or Android or at http://letshangtime.com/pfl now!

P.S. Your Hangtime account badges and points CAN carry over to/from PFL Live but ONLY if you originally signed up with your phone number. Just use the same phone number to login and you will find your Hangtime profile, points balance, friends, etc. However, if you are a Facebook user, accounts do NOT carry over and you will have to make a new account. We plan to add this feature soon!

Please send feedback and questions to pfl@letshangtime.com.

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